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About Those Involved

Those involved in TAPA have a strength committed to safety, community and excellence in pilot standards. TAPA was forged from a desire to improve safety and flight management throught the Southern Southeast Alaska region.  Joint efforts make the program viable, intelligent, and ensure integrity as a priority throughout the region.
Ketchikan Aviators

The pilots in the Southeast Alaska Region are tasked with being the most diligent of pilots in diverse terrain and conditions.


They are joined with TAPA to give feedback regarding flight operations in the area and convey this information through our semi-annual meetings.


Their participation is vital to the goals of TAPA as they are on the front-line of implementation and see issues as they arise first hand.

Alaska Airlines
Safety Coordinators

Working closely in the Tongass Narrows among many aircarriers of the region, Alaska Airlines safety coordinators bring a well resepected and high standard to the safety of the program. 


The safety and well-being of their employees and customers is the foundation of Alaska Airlines and overrides any other consideration. It is the basis upon which their success rests.


Each employee at every level of the organization is committed, accountable, and has the authority to maintain the highest possible level of safety for every employee, every customer, every flight, every day.


They take great pride in the fact that Their individual and collective accomplishments have earned broad respect and a reputation for safe, reliable, quality service.

Ketchikan Flight Service Station

Ketchikan is a special rule area requiring two-way radio communications with the FSS prior to operating in the surface area.


Ketchikan Flight Services is an integral part of effective communication and their involvement in air traffic management in Ketchikan is invaluable.

They are a part-time facility open from 1515-0615Z and located on the 5th floor of the terminal building on the Ketchikan Airport.


They provide preflight pilot briefings either face to face, by telephone or over our numerous remote frequencies throughout southern Southeast Alaska.

FAA Safety Team

The Federal Aviation Administration FAAST team gives unique input to the TAPA program through the sharing of data and reports. 

This data helps the pilots of the Tongass Narrows better hone their craft by using the information for flight risk assessments on a daily basis. The commitment to safety in the air is paramount of the FAA.

Their continuing mission is to provide the safest, most efficient aerospace system in the world.


They strive to reach the next level of safety, efficiency, environmental responsibility and global leadership.


Their involvement in the aerospace industry helps us identify and resolve issues surrounding our operations in the Southeast Alaska region.

“We're a small and growing consultancy. We look forward to meeting you and your team and helping us define our goals, develop solutions - and realize them! So what are you waiting for, become a member now." 

Dave Doyon JR, Chairman
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