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Services include links and downloadable documents to Ketchikan LOA, Maps, Traffic Patters, Frequency Change over points, Weather Cams and valuable weather information for the area. Downloadable documents can be located here as well.



TAPA was developed in response to the need for safer air traffic patterns and communication guidelines throughout  southern southeast  Alaska.  Through partnerships with local airline companies all in agreement to reduce the potential for in air incidents.



Our members have a vested interest in making Ketchikan Gateway a safe and respectful airspace for all pilots and aircraft both local and those visiting from afar.


Our goal at TAPA is to assist in the safety of flights and quality control of flight patternsand communications located throughout the Tongass Channel in Ketchikan.

This includes Misty Fjords National Monument traffic patterns and radio frequencies for proper communication.

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"A need for such a program is paramount, especially throughout Alaska.  With our unique transportation needs as well as geographical terrain, special considerations and challenges need to be addressed.  With TAPA we are another step closer to fulfilling our goals of safer procedures in the air."

David Doyon Jr. Chairman

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